Index of Bullshit

All these terms can be safely discarded in the compost heap of NHS bullshit:

  • Roadmap = a plan which probably won’t be realised.
  • Exemplar = an organisation which we’ll point to repeatedly to try to convince the country that we’re making progress.
  • Vanguard = an organisation which we’ll point to repeatedly to pretend that we know how to be innovative, even though we’re scared of new products and services and of small companies.
  • Test bed = a totally ineffectual idea to get innovative and experimental things put into the NHS. In reality a small pot of money was shared between a couple of places which each then pissed up the wall on meetings and admin.
  • Footprint = a region of the country roughly corresponding to the old Strategic Health Authorities of days gone by. Why use established regional boundaries when you can invent your own?
  • Quality indicators = euphemism for “targets”.
  • Framework = one of about 30 internal market places which are no longer open to new suppliers to join. NHS organisations insist upon buying through these rather than buying directly from a supplier for no good reason.